Pilates for rehabilitation

Pilates for rehabilitation

Hearts and Bones Pilates® understands injuries and other musculoskeletal conditions and can help you can return to doing the work or activities you enjoy. Make an appointment today.

Pilates is good for rehabilitation

The Pilates method has a history of understanding how difficult life can be when poor health limits your activities and goals. The creator of the Pilates exercise method, Joseph Pilates, was a frail youngster and originally developed his therapies to improve his own strength and health. When he started teaching his method, Pilates tailored his exercises to suit the needs of the patient he was treating. 

Hearts and Bones Pilates knows how it feels

The owner of, and lead instructor at, Hearts and Bones Pilates, Tania Huddart, has had her own personal journey of rehabilitation from injuries. She knows how it feels to have your life and goals limited by musculoskeletal injuries. Over the years, Tania has suffered serious knee, neck, and back injuries, which she has successfully managed by using Pilates.

You can trust our approach

Many clients come to Hearts and Bones Pilates after a long time ‘in the wilderness’, trying different therapies that have not worked for them. Understandably, many are nervous about entrusting their body to a new therapist with a new approach. Their underlying fear may be ‘what if this makes me worse?’

Our personalised programmes enable us to get to know you better and give you the chance to ask questions and develop trust in our approach.

We do not diagnose injuries or conditions but are happy to work with your other medical professionals to help you regain strength and fitness.  We can help a wide range of  conditions from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, back pain, knee, elbow and other joint injuries, through to pregnancy issues.

Appointments and fees

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I came to Hearts and Bones Pilates after years of trying different therapies to resolve my back pain. I was nervous at the start of my first session (as I had never tried Pilates before), but I felt very reassured by Tania’s gentle and personal approach. Tania has a real interest in, and comprehensive knowledge of, anatomy. She also has an amazing ability to understand where 'you are at' and tailor her sessions to match your body's needs. I am now a regular client, and am able to work and live my life again after years of living a 'half-life'! 



I’ve been a once-a-week client of Hearts and Bones for over nine years and I couldn’t imagine life without my weekly Pilates ‘fix’. The most obvious benefit for me has been the virtual disappearance of a long-term lower back pain issue. But I’ve also become increasingly aware about how my body works and how to avoid other potential aches and pains. I leave Tania’s studio after each session feeling energised and ready for anything. I know Pilates will continue to be part of my exercise life as I get older; I hope it will always keep me feeling this good. Thanks, Hearts and Bones!


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