Workshops and consultancy

Pilates workshops and consultancy

Hearts and Bones Pilates designs and delivers Pilates workshops and provides consultancy for Pilates instructors and dance or sports organisations. We also run occasional workshops for the general public. 

Our workshops

Hearts and Bones Pilates’ workshops will keep you up-to-date with the latest developments in Pilates therapy or extend your knowledge in specific areas. If you are an instructor, our workshops cover a range of subjects useful for developing your Pilates teaching skills.

Hearts and Bones’ Pilates workshops are designed and delivered by Hearts and Bones’ owner and Master Instructor, Tania Huddart. Tania may also work with other specialists to present content.

Workshop topics

Topics of popular workshops have included:

  • Breathing: bodily house cleaning

    Anatomy of breathing; different breathing techniques; how to gain more from Pilates exercises by focusing on different aspects of breathing.

  • Demystifying the hip and shoulder for Pilates instructors

    Basic anatomy; subjective and objective examinations; special tests for impingement; apprehension and instability; exercises for increased mobility and strength.

  • Functional stability training

    How to transfer the power, alignment, and strength gained on the mat to a vertical standing posture; functional ways to improve walking and running actions.

  • Dance training and Pilates

    Posture; relating Pilates exercises to dance technique; use of visualisation to learn new skills;  assessment and exercise design for each area of the body.

  • Best foot forward

    Lower leg and foot anatomy; tips for looking after feet; exercises to strengthen and release feet.

Upcoming workshops

Special Pilates workshops and consultancy

Hearts and Bones Pilates can design and deliver tailored workshops and provide consultancy to help improve your dance or sports organisation’s performance.

Our special Pilates workshop and consultancy

Satisfied clients

Clients who have used Hearts and Bones Pilates workshops and consultancy include:

  • Dance Aotearoa New Zealand (DANZ)
  • British Ballet Organisation (BBO)
  • Teachers' Refresher Course Committee Conference
  • American Jazz Dance Affiliation (AJDA)
  • a large number of dance teachers and Pilates instructors.



Feedback from workshops:

The ‘Best foot forward’ workshop was wonderful. Tania has great depth and breadth of knowledge.


Excellent break down and explanation for each exercise. These workshops are fantastic to help me integrate the purpose of the exercises into my own and my clients bodies


Tania's uses a variety of teaching techniques and is always open to providing additional information. I appreciated all the opportunities she provided throughout the workshop


Tania I would like to continue coming to any of your workshops, You're awesome!! 


Great hands-on presenter especially using visualisation techniques. I really like how you speak clearly and precisely and I could've kept listening to your wonderful knowledge base that you have. I really like seeing the passion you have for your job and imparting that knowledge clearly shines through.



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